: Gecko code : HM animal parade ˹¤Ѻ

17th December 2011, 20:44
ٵHM : animal parade

RBIP99 (Gecok code) ˹¤Ѻ

ҷRBIEE99 (AR code)ФѺ

.EMU繵ͧPAL ͧcode RBIP99Ѻ

RBIEE99 ѹФҧѺ Ըѧ䧪йӷչФѺ


17th December 2011, 23:28
ꡢ >> Properties >> Gecko code >> ѧࡵشҹҧ ѹ Donwload code (WiiRD Database) ç¤Ѻ ѹŴͧ

18th December 2011, 13:03

ѹ Failed to download codesФѺ

20th December 2011, 23:45
Ǽ ФѺ ^^

20th December 2011, 23:48
ç Edit config ҹҧ ¹ФѺ ͻ ҧФѺ ^^

# RBIEE9 - Harvest Moon: Animal Parade
DlistCachingEnable = False
ProjectionHack = 0
PH_SZNear = 0
PH_SZFar = 0
PH_ExtraParam = 0
PH_ZNear =
PH_ZFar =
EmulationStateId = 0
EmulationIssues =
$Have all House Upgrades [TNTkryzt]
0777C09C 00000020
907F0918 816D9560
38600003 906B1524
3863FFFF 906B1528
906B152C 4A98F3EC
0410B4A0 49670BFC
$Have all Encyclopedias [TNTkryzt]
0410D3C4 38000001
0410D3C8 9803888C
$Have all Recipes [TNTkryzt]
0410C5C4 7C6B1B78
04184494 38600001
04184498 906B8130
$Have all Outfits [TNTkryzt]
0410C590 7C6B1B78
0418B7D8 38600001
0418B7DC 906B79D8
+$Have all Furniture [TNTkryzt]
0777C038 00000010
388437B8 39600001
91640000 4A99049C
0410C4DC 4966FB5C
$Have all Pet Tricks [TNTkryzt]
040ACE78 7C6B1B78
040ACE7C 3860012C
040ACE80 48000008
040ACE88 906B002C
$Cheap Accessory Shop [TNTkryzt]
041B3D10 3920FFFF
041B3D14 39400001
041098F8 3880FFFF
04109948 38000063
*(Bypass Item Requirement)
$Cheap Shop Items [TNTkryzt]
041B5640 38600001
+$Shipping Bin Item x100 [TNTkryzt]
0421B920 1F040064
+$Quick Skill level Gain [TNTkryzt]
04107678 38832710
+$No Weed Sprouting [TNTkryzt]
04244A34 60000000
+$Field Watered [TNTkryzt]
04080BB4 38000003
04080BB8 9803001A
$Quick Crop Growth [TNTkryzt]
0777C0BC 00000014
2C1C0000 40820008
3B83FFFF 7C1C1800
4AAC3B48 00000000
0423FC10 4953C4AC
+$Produce Shining Crops [TNTkryzt]
04244C30 3BC00003
04244C34 48000044
+$Increased Running Speed [TNTkryzt]
046B5994 41000000
$Never Sleepy [TNTkryzt]
04107AEC 38800000
$Never Fatigued [TNTkryzt]
0412BD2C 38840000
$Infinite Stamina [TNTkryzt]
0777C000 00000010
7C7E1B78 816D9560
93CB1468 4AAD2CC0
0424ECC8 4952D338
$All Friends Met [TNTkryzt]
0410D74C 38000001
0410D750 90031BEC
$All Wild Animals Met [TNTkryzt]
0410D884 91E31BD4
+$Max Affection Tracked Friend [TNTkryzt]
0777C0D0 00000030
80140080 2C000001
40820024 8174006C
2C190000 40820010
386007D0 906BFFAC
4A9EA82C 386003E8
906BFFF0 4A9EA820
04166918 496157B8
*(Track Friend to Enable Code)
$Max Affection (Friends) [TNTkryzt]
0777C010 0000000C
3BE003E8 93E30000
4A98E260 00000000
0410A274 49671D9C
+$Max Affection (Wild Animals) [TNTkryzt]
0777C01C 0000000C
3BE003E8 93E30000
4A98E26C 00000000
0410A28C 49671D90
$Max Affection (Pets) [TNTkryzt]
0777C028 00000010
396003E8 91630028
80630028 4A932880
040AE8B0 496CD778
$Max Affection (Livestock) [TNTkryzt]
0777C064 0000000C
3BE003E8 93E30000
4A98E23C 00000000
0410A2A4 49671DC0
$Bypass Breed Restriction [TNTkryzt]
041B52FC 2C030002
041B5300 41820038
$Stop Aging Process Livestock [TNTkryzt]
0409124C 60000000
$Animals Mature Overnight [TNTkryzt]
040914BC 3800001E
$Never Mad Livestock [TNTkryzt]
04091708 38800001
040978F8 91E30044
$Always Energetic Livestock [TNTkryzt]
0409791C 92630048
04091928 38C00000
$Pause Time (Press Z+Up D-Pad) [TNTkryzt]
2057C608 00002008
041079A4 3B430000
E0000000 80008000
$Resume Time (Press Z+Dwn D-Pad) [TNTkryzt]
2057C608 00002004
041079A4 3B430002
E0000000 80008000
$Hour Modifier [TNTkryzt]
0777C070 0000002C
7C7B1B78 3D608058
816BC608 2C0B2001
4082000C 3B9CFFFF
48000010 2C0B2002
40820008 3B9C0001
4A98B900 00000000
04107994 496746DC
*(Press Z+Left/Z+Right D-Pad)
$Bypass Season Check [TNTkryzt]
0423FA28 7C1FF850
04241DF8 7C139850
*(Can Harvest Off Season Plants though Invisible)
$99,999 Gold [funkamatic]
42000000 92000000
0430DBB4 0001869F
e0000000 80008000
$infinite stamina [funkamatic]
42000000 92000000
0230DBC8 000000FE
e0000000 80008000
+$infinite Lumber [funkamatic]
42000000 92000000
0430DBC4 000003E7
e0000000 80008000
+$infinite M. Stones [funkamatic]
42000000 92000000
0230DBC0 000003E7
e0000000 80008000
+$All Goddess Tools Created by JLucci217, posted by [funkamatic]
42000000 92000000
043624BC 00050001
043624C0 000B0001
043624C4 00110001
043624C8 00170001
043624CC 001D0001
043624D0 00230001
E0000000 80008000
*empty rucksack before code is loaded or they will overwrite your items!
*After you have loaded this code, save your game, quit, and boot WITHOUT the code.

31st December 2011, 14:43

21st April 2012, 19:02
ԧ 蹢ͧ 2.0 ç Edit config ҹҧѹ ⹵ᾴ źǡͺѹ᷹͡ ǡ͡ʿ Դ 䧴

22nd April 2012, 00:00
ҡٵõԴФѺ ͷӵ 5 ǹФѺ Ŵ૿ҤѺ Ŵ૿Ẻ hotkey Ѻ ͧ ҡѹ

9th May 2012, 16:10