Experience the hit World War 2 real-time strategy game for the first time in full 3D glory, expanding on all strategic and tactical options. Command joint operations of naval, land-based and airborne units on the largest maps in the series. Newcomers and veterans alike will be right at home with an innovative user interface and improved AI.

Huge variety of landscapes, sceneries and destructable environment fully detailed in 3D
Massive operations on huge maps of several square kilometers
More than 300 tanks, ships, soldiers, guns and aircraft in historically accurate 3D reproduction
Use an advanced AI to help command your massive army
Realistic lines of sight, projectile ranges and impressive visual effects simulated in real-time
Five campaigns for American, British, German, Imperial Japanese and Soviet Russian Armies
Contains "Sudden Strike 3: Arms to Victory" and "Sudden Strike: The Last Stand" sequel
Contains map editor for user-generated maps and missions

Genre: Strategy
Developer: Fireglow
Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital
Release Date: 7 Dec, 2007

FULL GAME - RAZOR1911 - 1.90 GB

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