Flipping Death

When Penny dies under strange circumstances, she realizes after awakening that she must now represent DEATH PERSONALLY! The backup job brings with it a new power: the ability to flip back and forth between the living and the dead! So she must use this and her mind to unlock the mystery of her death in the Puzzle Platformer. In this comedy adventure by Zoink Games, written by Eisner Award winner Ryan North, you jump between platforms, solving puzzles and helping the dead to their peace by occupying the living and dancing to your tune.

- Turn the worlds: Change between the realm of the living and the dead.
- Occupy the living: Control their bodies and read their minds to solve puzzles.
- Games as death: Although you are only the temporary help, the power over life and death is in your hands.
- Immerse yourself in a colorful world: explore the animated cartoon sceneries and experience a unique story!