Gotcha Racing 2nd

Get parts of the Gacha and customize your own machine.
Win in different races and head to the top of the Grand Prix!

There are about 700 different parts. Get Gacha with the prize money of the races and equip better parts!
You can merge the remaining parts to make your machine even more powerful. Build your own machine with them!

The values ​​of the machine do not make the only difference in the race. Use the machine actions and let it crash!
Use various effects such as boost, barrier or disruption and defeat your rivals!

Drive on 16 easy routes with easy drifting!
Play alone or with others!

■ Grand Prix mode
Race and get Gacha to upgrade your machine. Win and climb the classes in the Grand Prix from F to A.

■ Time Attack mode
In this mode, you race a race against time.
In addition to the normal events, there are time attack events where you can win special parts.
Your times can be uploaded to the leader board to compete with the world.

■ VS mode
In this mode, two to four players can compete against each other.

■ minigame
This Mini-GP comes with an unusual controller and a course that fits exactly on the screen. The cars are warring themselves with swivel handles, which you can use to push your opponents off this square platform.

Would you like to be the winner of the Grand Prix or drive the best time?

A world of exciting racing adventures awaits you!