Zombie Night Terror

Get ready for the most exciting night of your life! Something strange has happened, and people are transformed into bloody corpses everywhere. But guess who is leading the hungry undead? YOU! So spread the pandemic and eradicate humanity. Because to survive the zombie apocalypse, you have to be the apocalypse!

However, the brainless undead are plentifully stupid ... even dumber than their lack of gray cells would suggest. If they are left to themselves, they continue endlessly and plunge into the deadly traps of the not so helpless people. In order to destroy the world, you must lead your zombies to their next succulent meal. Fortunately, you can use numerous special mutations to further develop your troops and satisfy their hunger for meat. But beware! People do not simply bend to you ... they fight for their survival.

Spread fear and fright in 40 levels and take more and more zombies into your undead army. On the way, you have to solve tricky puzzles and defeat ever more powerful enemies who want to survive at any cost. The nearer you are to the destruction of the world, the more determined survivors are trying to bring you under the earth ... final.

Blood, tears, lots of sex-free groans, nasty jokes, and piles of puzzles that literally brainwash your brain ... This is Zombie Night Terror! "