Youtubers Life (v1.0.4)

YouTubers Life is the ultimate life simulation game and the ultimate tycoon game in which you can become the best and greatest youtuber of all time. You edit your videos, expand your fanbase and become rich and famous. Create your own character, customize it with thousands of different combinations, and start your first recording in your cozy room with your parents. Take gameplays, buy new and classic consoles, keep track of your daily tasks and make contacts to increase your fame. You have to take care of your friends, fans, family and your time management.

Create your own videos!
Create your own videos and edit them! Follow the entire process from A to Z and publish your videos over the Internet! Buy your favorite games online, get them delivered home and start your gameplay shots. Improve your videos and become the largest video logger of all time! "

Have fun!
As a Vlogger you do not only have to record videos and see how many viewers you get, but you should also have fun in everyday life. Go to the movies to watch the latest movies, visit games fairs, relax in the club or give a party on your luxury yacht! Meet new friends and discover a different side while you create your next video in the head. "

Become a star!
The more viewers you have, the more popular you will be! The bigger your own network is, the more VIPs are interested in getting to know you personally. In addition, important high-tech and gaming brands will get in contact with you and you will finally meet other famous Youtuber. Your fans will try to get an autograph from you! "