Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition


Blood Bowl 2 is an explosive cocktail of round-based strategy, humor and brutality, inspired by the famous tabletop game of Games Workshop, from the Warhammer universe and American Football.

The new graphics engine of Blood Bowl 2 and a detailed implementation of the template create all the chaos and the nerve-racking tension that distinguishes classic Blood Bowl matches. In the Single Player mode, you are playing the famous Reikland Reavers. Your job is to bring the former Blood Bowhl Star team to new fame as part of a complete story campaign, as always stunningly funny comments from Jim & Bob, the stars of Cabalvision. Each match of the campaign is unique, and unexpected, surprising events do not make boredom!

The multiplayer modes are bigger and bigger than ever. In persistent online mode, you create and manage your own team with representatives of one of eight races from the Warhammer world - humans, orcs, dwarfs, skaven, high elves, dark elves, chaos and, for the first time, bretons. You are developing your team, collecting XP and unlocking new skills. But watch out! On the pitch all losses are permanent ... Organize your own completely definable championships, from the qualification to the final, and use the newly established transfer market to buy and sell players to build up your Blood Bowl Dream Team!

The next generation of Blood Bowl land their first touchdown today - do YOU ​​have the chance to be a champion?