eiland is a single player RPG adventure with numerous sandbox elements - such as agriculture, trade and construction. It is a quiet game that carefully designed graphics and exciting stories in a small living, breathing world united, which evolved with each action of the player.
Take up the mantle of the little prince of Deiland over and govern your own planet!

Keep you Deiland
Your Planet is their home - you turn it into a unique and very special place. Improve your skills, use hand tools, cook delicious food, brew potions and customize many more items that you can manage and allow you to take action.

Enjoy the history of
12 characters available and more than 100 quests. Your small planet attracts many traders from the area who want to trade in materials and rare ingredients.

Play and relax
Supple and cute graphics as well as a relaxing soundtrack that brings peace into your daily routine. Experience the diversity of nature with storms, hurricanes, the northern lights, meteor showers and shooting stars.