Defenders of Ekron - Definitive Edition

Defenders of Ekron is onAdventure / Shmupthat mixes the classic action of a shoot'em up and the exploration of an adventure game, including dungeons and a unique sci-fi experience. You are the pilot of Anakim, the most powerful and advanced mechs of the Technocratic Republic of Ekron. Those advanced pieces of high-tech possess a unique ability calledisvarathat allows them to absorb the energy of their environment and unleash devastating attacks.

Unfortunately, our Anakim is not ready to develop Isvará, so we want to completely protect the appearance of a group of Renegade Anakim.You want to enjoy a dark plot, full of secrets along 10 unique missions, At the same time you will try to give some meaning to your identity, you can develop the skills of your ownPower Sabers,pyromancy, goldElectromagnetismamong others.

TheDefinitive Editionfeatures new difficulty settings, some improvements to the general gameplay for a more balanced experience, such as additional checkpoints, and a brand-newBoss Rush Mode, where you challenge all of the 13 main bosses in a row with no health regeneration. It is also included in the 8-bit version of the video game calledInvaders of Ekronwhich shows a retro vertical shoot 'em up retro style.