Mendel is developed and published by Owen Bell. It was released in 6 Sep, 2018.

Mendel is a science creativity sandbox. Pilot a probe on a far away planet, gathering samples from the weird native flowers and breeding them together to make new hybrids. Watch their genes merge and mutate, just like those of our own world, producing strange new creations to grow in your alien gardens.

“It was kind of like bubble wrap. You really get into it and can’t stop planting and trying to make them do things.”

-Nathalie Lawhead, creator of Tetrageddon and Everything Is Going To Be Ok




2.Mount ไฟล์ ลงเกม
3.ก็อปปี้โฟลเดอร์แครกไปไว้โฟลเดอร์เกม [ทำไม่เป็น คลิก]