Time Barbarian Extreme!!

Time Barbarian Extreme!! is developed and published by Wholesale Algorithms. It was released in 3 Sep, 2018.

Time Barbarian Extreme!! is a hectic, fast-paced shooter game like those from the old stand-up arcade machines we used to pump quarters into back in the 1980s.

It runs at 60 fps in a window or full-screen.


TBE plays best with a gamepad controller, but you can use the keyboard.

You steer around with the left thumbstick and shoot with the right trigger. (Steering is fully analog with a gamepad controller.) Missiles are on the left trigger, and “Time Freeze” is on the top-right face button.




2.Mount ไฟล์ ลงเกม
3.ก็อปปี้โฟลเดอร์แครกไปไว้โฟลเดอร์เกม [ทำไม่เป็น คลิก]