Join the world of experiences, you additionally have the chance to meet eight classes of familiar characters from the legend MapleStory(Buy MapleStory2 Mesos) as Warriors, Archers and Experts. Players will complete missions they can gain experience and level up. Players may also take part in sub-systems with abundant rewards like weapons, equipment... to enhance the fighting power of their character.

The combat mechanism in MapleStory 2 relies on the action of the RPG. Like other role-playing games in the original genre, the most basic infomation system in the sport is very detailed so that players can easily get acquainted even if you're a new gamer.

The game also brings beautiful effects, casting motions, using skills that are extremely smooth and varied. In addition, the basic features of the MMORPG game also appear constantly such as toddlers, pets, companion... increased the excitement for players. If you're a gamer that likes RPGs with adorable graphics, do not skip this free product.

Players of this MMO MapleStory 2 say the player-created item store is rife with racism and anime pornography.

MapleStory 2 is an MMO filled with bright primary colours and cute player characters. In the game, players can make items and upload them where players can buy them, known as the Meret Shop. While the sport bans certain words, including"trump" and"pornography," some players have found ways to avoid the bans and upload items with political slogans or sexual references.

The MapleStory 2 team explained the process in its entire statement to Kotaku:"All the items under the'Design Shop' are made by players, not Nexon.

Depending on the report, we tightly review every single item and remove the item from the store, and from the list of the players who bought, and prohibit player accounts. Content comprising racist, sexual, hateful or other items are flagged higher in priority for elimination. Players who post offensive items or graphics are subject to being banned permanently from the game. We've been acting quickly and ask that gamers see these items in the shop to report instantly using the accounts button.

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