FireAlpaca 2.1.20 + Portable Repack elchupacabra | 50MB
FireAlpaca - This is a fairly simple, but convenient image editor for converting images, photos and any other images. There are no advanced or specific functions, but the basic set of tools allows you to quickly and easily edit the desired images.

In FireAlpaca there are tools brush, fill, pen, eraser, magic wand, lasso. In addition, you can edit the colors, brightness, contrast, rotate and crop the image, change its size, etc. It should be noted that the program supports work with layers by analogy with the most popular Photoshop editor, thereby opening up quite wide possibilities for changing photos and images.
As for the graphic formats used in the program, these are .psd, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif and .mdp (FireAlpaca's own format). The program interface is made in a classic and familiar form by other graphic editors, which guarantees quick mastering of the application's functionality and setting up the toolbar "by itself". In general, this editor can be recommended for beginners and designers, possessing for this all the necessary basic functionality and an intuitively understandable shell.

Repacking features:
1. Combined program installation or unpacking of a portable (PortableApps format / CheshireCat /) version
2. Removed ads when launching the program and printing documents (CheshireCat patch)
3. Multilingual interface language (including Russian)
4. Optional creation of a program shortcut in the menu Send (for installation)
5. Possibility of picking up and auto-copying custom files of Config.ini and Brush.ini settings
"Silent" installation with / SILENT or / VERYSILENT keys (or "Silent installation.cmd" file)
For Silent installation of portable version extra cl h / PORTABLE = 1 (or file "Extracting portable.cmd")