Wise Care 365 Pro Final Portable by Baltagy | 18MB
Wise Care 365 is a software package designed to optimize, tweak and clean your computer. It can quickly and safely clean up the registry, free up disk space, defragment the registry and hard disk, recover deleted files, block applications by setting a startup password, optimize RAM, edit the list of autoloaded applications and much more. There are additional options to hide and encrypt important files or folders, optimize the computer "in one click" and work on a schedule.

Key features:
Cleaning, defragmenting and optimizing the Windows registry.
Defragmentation and freeing up hard disk space.
Privacy protection by erasing personal tracking data.
Recover lost files.
Hiding important files and folders.
Prevents unauthorized use of personal applications.
Auto power off computer.
Free up RAM to speed up gaming and enterprise application performance.
A simple one-click optimization option to speed up your computer quickly.
Scheduler to automatically perform scheduled tasks.
Restore the system registry from a backup.
Information about the hardware components of the computer and temperature control.
Pro-version - Deep cleaning of personal data.
Pro version - Auto update.
Pro-version - Integration of optimization functions into the context menu.
Pro version - Additional skins and themes.
Pro version - Technical support 7x24.

Features of the portable version:
Treatment carried out.
The program is registered, works without installation on the computer.
It is necessary to create a folder and place a program in it before launching it.