PiXYZ Software PiXYZ Studio Batch 2019.1.1.8 (x64) | 325.9 Mb

PiXYZ STUDIO is a unique 3D data preparation tool providing the best-in-class Tessellator, enabling the transformation of CAD data from industry-leading solutions (Catia, NX, SolidWorks.) into lightweight, optimized meshes.

PiXYZ STUDIO's interactive graphical user interface gives access to a large set of features and algorithms. It also embeds a Python API, allowing advanced users to create powerful scripts to automate complex data preparation tasks (import/export functions for batch processing not included).
PiXYZ STUDIO.batch is a premium version including additional Import/Export functions to the Python scripting capacities, for automatic batch processing of CAD files. PiXYZ STUDIO & STUDIO.batch help companies and 3D users re-use their CAD data for any visualization scenario.
CAD format compatibility
Collaborate easily with your partners without worrying about format compatibility
Native hierarchy
Access to the original product hierarchy (full scene tree), including Metadata, and to dedicated functions for optimizing it
Powerful algorithms
Get the best out of your CAD data and your optimization process by using powerful algorithms: Tessellation, CAD topology correction, Decimation, Healing.
History management
Keep the entire preparation history thanks to PiXYZ STUDIO's dynamic modifier stack; iterate and fine-tune only the parts requiring further optimization
Scripting editor
Create and save your own automatized process using Python script editor and automated script generation
Automatic Import/Export *
After defining your optimization script(s), use PiXYZ STUDIO.batch additional Python I/O function to automatically process a batch of 3D files.
Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 (64-bit only)