Win 10 Tweaker 15.2 Portable by XpucT | 1.31MB
Win 10 Tweaker is a small but very powerful program that allows you to do full optimization and cleaning of Windows in a few clicks. Do not splurge on useless settings, and each item contains a detailed hint description. Any action is performed without external modules - by means of the program itself.

System requirements:
Windows 7 x86 / x64 (+ .NET Framework 4.7.2 )
Windows 8.1 x86 / x64
Windows 10 x86 / x64

If you use a non-original version of Windows, before using the program, it is imperative to create a system restore point, because the operation of the program guarantees the expected result only if the version of Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 is original and not modified. The author is also not responsible for the modified or repackaged Win 10 Tweaker executable, for any cases that affect the integrity of the original Win 10 Tweaker executable.

The program does not splurge , demonstrating useless features. In Win 10 Tweaker, only the most popular parameters and options are collected. Many options include dozens of others to save time on selecting checkboxes, and, again, keep the user out of their eyes.
Each tweak item has a detailed description-hint when you hover over it.
Win 10 Tweaker is free of additional modules like nircmd, self-extracting SFX archives and libraries that other tweakers need. The program has everything you need to apply the settings on the fly. If the user does not need something, the system will not be dirtied by a single byte.
Win 10 Tweaker doesn't just roll back actions, if you use a separate icon before the checkbox, and it restores the system values. This can be useful to those who do not know how to return what another tweaker broke.
The program was written originally for Windows 10 , and therefore is called Win 10 Tweaker, but after several versions it has acquired full compatibility with Windows 7, 8.1, Server.
Win 10 Tweaker not only supports both bit depth (x86 and x64), but also combines both of them in one copy of the program. And depending on the capacity and version of Windows, he chooses the method of working with the system.
Win 10 Tweaker has the fastest and most convenient systemcutting and restoring applications from the Windows store. All applications have support for deleting and restoring. In terms of convenience, appearance, intuitiveness and speed, Win 10 Tweaker has no analogues in this regard.
The program has the fastest and most convenient update system . It is enough to check for updates in the "About the program" window and click OK to instantly update the program and launch it again.

Advantages of Pro:
Optimize System
Compression Files Software
Compress operating system only
Compression only storage WinSXS
Cleaning System of obsolete drivers / duplicate drivers
Finding and replacing duplicate files with duplicate remover
Clean RAM
Win 10 Tweaker is not simply terminates unnecessary processes
and cleans itself memory , unloading unused
cache, libraries and child processes that the OS no longer needs.
Export and Import settings
You can easily save the state of the system in
order to take advantage of future imports of all previously
made tweaks and settings, including the status of services.
Also available is a quiet key -import, which allows you to import
settings and tweaks without unnecessary gestures and confirmations.
Export and Import drivers.
porting drivers, you can save
drivers without unnecessary garbage as additional software
from the creator.
Also, the drivers from Microsoft and other
dubious software are not crawled into the export . Only what really is a driver.
The drivers will also be added a convenient list of
installed programs on your computer in a
convenient and autonomous htm file with the save date.
Automatic fixes
Win 10 Tweaker daily learns to fix many
bugs that Microsoft and others are not rushing to fix
developers. You don't need to do anything to "cure" Windows,
you just need to run Win 10 Tweaker.
The list of automatic fixes includes:
Restore the Startup folder when it is broken
Restore the system cache resource folder when it is broken
Restore the hosts file (rules and redirects file over the network)
Restore the self-terminating Numlock
Restore the multi-boot on the F8 key
Unpack MSi unpacking
Disabling EDGE from arbitrary self-switching
Cleaning up broken and incorrect shortcuts that are searched
on the Desktop (without subfolders) and in the Start Menu group
(network shortcuts are not affected )
Monitoring the relevance of user APIs
When Win 10 Tweaker detects missing components of the
.NET Framework, DirectX, Visual C ++, it reports this by
offering to download and install if it is recommended.

Scan files for viruses
Win 10 Tweaker allows you to scan files for viruses,
without visiting the site VirusTotal, and doing it all in one window.
Upon completion of the check, you will be able to save a report-screenshot
of the scan results, as well as upload it to the
image hosting service by automatically placing the link on the clipboard.

Frequently issued answers:
And what if everything breaks in me?
Using Win 10 Tweaker it's impossible to break Windows's working state. But even with this in mind, the program has the functionality of creating a backup restore point. I recommend to use before using the program.

Why antivirus finds a virus?
Because you ask this question to the wrong address. That is why he finds a virus. And when you ask this question to the creator of the antivirus, then it will stop finding the virus. Why is that? It is very simple - because responsibility has not yet been introduced for false positives and antiviruses can issue any information with impunity. But if you believe more in your antivirus, then just do not use Win 10 Tweaker. Bonus .

I rolled back the fonts, but still ...
Roll back the font, make the Exit, after entering set the scale that was changed to the one you need, make the Exit again. Remember what you do between using tweaks and read the descriptions of the items. It says about the scale. About the fact that you are unlikely to like changing fonts, if the scale is not 100%. One way or another, do not forget that you are changing between tweaks. Bonus .

What are the Win 10 Tweaker silent keys and how to use them?
Full list of keys:
widget - launches RAM cleaning widget
tray - launches RAM cleaning in
import tray - silent import of tweaks
clean - launches custom cleaning
kill - clears RAM
AntiSpyRulesUpdater - updates antispyware rules
Path: \ to file \ file - checks for viruses
(example: "D: \ Programs \ Win 10 Tweaker.exe" "C: \ Users \ Admin \ Desktop \ File.rar" )
Path: \ to folder \ folder - installs the drivers in silent mode
(example: "D: \ Programs \ Win 10 Tweaker.exe "" C: \ Users \ Admin \ Desktop \ Drivers " )

What's new:
Version 15.2
Added the size of deleted files (click on the report)
The report is altered under a table with the ability to sort / copy, etc.
Faster very clean, the report is now rendered instantly
RAM Cleaning
Added the ability to choose between cleaning only RAM and RAM + cache RAM
Access to change mode by right-clicking on the widget or tray widget
(1 tick Cleaning also allows for a user-selected mode)
hidden power -window (PWN)
Added the ability to confirm a set of commands by Enter
Added the history of entered commands + clear this history
Added a menu for the second category Block (list of added + delete)
Fixed display on 2K / 4K monitors