AV Uninstall Tools Pack 2019.04 | 374MB
AV Uninstall Tools Pack is a free utility package designed to completely remove more than 40 anti-virus programs. They are necessary in cases where it is not possible to completely remove the anti-virus program in the standard way, or errors occur during the removal process. These utilities completely remove all files, drivers, services and registry entries left by antivirus programs. These tools will be useful for those who are often involved in reinstalling and setting up software. Also, the collection includes utilities for resetting passwords of antivirus programs.

Additional Information:
For some utilities there are instructions for use in English and / or Russian. Instructions are located in the "Readme" folder. If they are missing, then follow the general guidelines:
Stop the work of the antivirus, disable its protection and close its windows.
Remove the antivirus through the "Control Panel" -> "Uninstall a program".
Reboot the computer.
Run the uninstall utility (in Windows Vista / 7, right-click and select "Run as administrator")
After the utility completes, restart the computer

List of utilities:
Adaware Antivirus Removal tool (Adaware Software)
Adguard Uninstall Utility (AdGuard Software Limited)
AhnLab Password Reset Tool (COMSS.RU)
ArcaVir Removal Tools (ArcaBit)
ArcaVir Password Reset Tool (COMSS.RU)
avast! Antivirus Removal Tools (AVAST Software as)
avast! Password Reset Tool (COMSS.RU)
AVG Clear (AVG Technologies CZ, sro)
Avira Registry Cleaner (Avira GmbH.)
Avira Password Reset Tool (COMSS.RU)
AVS Uninstall Cleaner (Online Media Technologies Ltd.)
BigFix Removal Utility (BigFix)
BitDefender Uninstall Tools (BitDefender SRL)
BitDefender Password Reset Tool (BitDefender SRL)
BullGuard Uninstaller (BullGuard Ltd.)
Cezurity Antivirus Remover (Cezurity)
Comodo Password Reset Tool (COMSS.RU)
Comodo Uninstaller (COMODO)
Dr.Web Remover tools (Doctor Web, Ltd.)
Emsisoft Clean (Emsisoft Ltd)
eScan Password Reset Tool (MicroWorld Technologies Inc.)
eScan Removal Tool (MicroWorld Technologies Inc.)
ESET Password Reset Tool (COMSS.RU)
ESET Uninstaller (ESET)
ESET AV Remover (ESET)
F-PROT Password Reset Tool (COMSS.RU)
F-PROT Version Remover tools (FRISK Software International)
F -Secure Uninstallation Tools (F-Secure Corporation) K7 Anti-Virus
Cleaner (G Data Software AG)
K7 Security Product Removal Tool (K7 Computing Pvt. Ltd.)
K7 Password Reset Tool (COMSS.RU)
Kaspersky Password Reset Tools (Kaspersky Lab ZAO)
Kaspersky Removal Tool (Kaspersky Lab ZAO)
Malwarebytes Cleanup Utility (Malwarebytes Corporation)
Max Secure Uninstaller (Max Security Software)
McAfee Software Removal Tools (McAfee, Inc.)
Microsoft Security Essentials removal tools (Microsoft Corporation)
Antivirus Uninstaller NANO (NANO Security)
the Norton the Remove and Reinstall (the Symantec Corporation)
nProtect Security Platform 2007 Remover (INCAInternet Co., Ltd)
of Outpost password the reset instructions
Panda Uninstaller tools (Panda Security, SL)
the PC the tools ThreatFire Removal (the PC the tools)
Prevx Removal Tools (Prevx Ltd)
QuickHeal Removal Tools (Quick Heal Technologies (P) Ltd.)
The Uninstall Utility Security Radialpoint (SAFECARE Radialpoint Inc.)
Rising the Reset Tool will the Password (COMSS.RU)
the RoboScan the Reset Tool will the Password (COMSS.RU)
Sophos Removal Tool will (Information Part Library then and Services)
SPAMfighter the Remove (SPAMfighter ApS)
SUPERAntiSpyware the Application UnInstaller (SUPERAntiSpyware.com )
the Symantec CleanWipe (the Symantec Corporation)
of Total Defense of Internet Security Suite Removal Tool will (of Total Defense Inc.)
to Trend Micro the Uninstall the tools (to Trend Micro Inc.)
of TrustPort Removal Utility (of TrustPort, as with the)
VIPRE Removal Tool will (VIPRE Security)
Webroot Removal tools (Webroot Inc.)
WinPatrol Removal (BillP Studios)
Zillya Uninstaller (COMSS.RU)
ZoneAlarm Password Reset Tool (COMSS.RU)
ZoneAlarm Removal Tool (Check Point Software Technologies LTD)

Changes in version 2019-04:
Updated Avast Antivirus Removal Tool
Updated AVG Clear
utility Updated Bitdefender Uninstall Tool
updated utility Updated ESET AV Remover
utility Updated F-Secure Uninstallation Tool
updated Kaspersky Removal Tool
updated Updated McAfee CleanUp Tool
Updated Panda Uninstall Tool
updated Symantec CleanWipe
VIPRE Removal Tool Updated

Frequently asked Questions:
My antivirus finds the virus in the files.
For such programs, this is quite normal, since they, for example, forcibly terminate antivirus processes, unload and remove their drivers, etc. We regularly send messages about false positives to virus labs. Utilities are best stored in the archive and unpack the archive, if necessary, to reduce the risk of false positives. Another advantage of the archive is that some utilities delete themselves after the launch or leave reports and temporary files.

There are no instructions for the utility. How do I use it?
If there are no instructions, then follow the general instructions:
Close the program, and disable its protection (if possible).
Remove the program through the "Control Panel" -> "Remove Programs" (if possible).
Restart the computer to safe mode Windows (press F8 during boot).
Run the uninstall utility (in Windows Vista / 7/8, right-click and select "Run as administrator").
After the utility completes, restart the computer.

The utility does not start, does not remove the antivirus, broke Windows, etc.
All utilities are taken from official sites, are added to the collection without modifications and are provided "As is". If you find problems, please contact the utility manufacturer.