IrfanView 4.53 + Portable RePack KpoJIuK | 25.8MB
IrfanView is a compact and at the same time powerful program for viewing and converting graphic files with advanced features, supporting many graphic formats, and has editing options. In addition to working with graphic files, IrfanView understands many audio and video formats; In addition, the program's capabilities can be significantly expanded using plug-ins, although without them IrfanView has many advantages:

the program has basic graphics processing tools, you can convert files from one format to another, take screenshots from the screen and screen savers for the desktop, there are slideshow modes and thumbnail (thumbnail display), as well as the function of pulling icons from * .exe and * .dll files. In addition, a clear advantage of the program is its small size.

Additional Information:
Multiple format support
Thumbnail support / preview
Ability to draw lines, circles, arrows, etc.
Various skins
Slideshow (the ability to save the slideshow in exe / scr as well as its recording on cd)
Filter support from Adobe Photoshop
Easy browsing and managing directories
Editing multi-page TIF images
File search
Work with mail
Multimedia player
Ability to print
Change the color depth
Text / Image Overlay (Watermark)
Graber icons from exe / dll / mcct

What's new in version:
Version 4.53 (Release date: 2019-05-15)
- New effect in Image-> Effects menu: Insert Speech Bubbles
- New effect in Image menu : Add Shadow, Shape, Rounded Corners, Snowflake etc.
- New effect in Image menu: Add Hexagon (or tiles), Star, Spikes, Heart etc.
- Show mouse zoom magnifier: CTRL + SHIFT + Mouse-move-in-the-image
(click mouse closes it)
- Click-to-go button-pop-up dialog: Broken Edge
- New effect added: Radial Brighten ( Effects browser dialog)
- Bridging the circle around the
batch dialog: Set maximal dimensions for resize
BPP images in RAW dialog - Option to read 1 BPP images
- Command line: / slideshow
- TIF / PCX / PSD loading bugs fixed (thanks to Apriorit)
- Some PlugIns are changed / updated

RePack features:
General information:
Type: installation, unpacking portable
Languages: russian, english, multi
Activation: JPM, JPEG2000, CADImage [Installation Version]
Optional: import i_view32.ini
Command line parameters:
Silent installation: / s / il
Silent installation + plugins: / S / IF
Unpacking portable: / S / PL
Unpacking portable + plugins: / S / PF
Do not create shortcuts on your desktop: / nd
Do not create shortcuts in the Start menu: / NS
Do not establish associations with media files: / NA
The choice of installation location: / D = PATH
The parameter / D = PATH should be specified as the most recent
For example: IrfanView.v4.44.exe / S / IL / D = C: \ MyProgram