Space Rangers HD: A War Apart [v 2.1.2288.3] PC size :2.53 GB | GOG
Genre : Adventure,Strategy , RPG
Developer : CHK-Games
Publisher : SoftClub
Platform : PC
Publication Type : Licence
Language : multi
Tablet : Not required

"Space Rangers HD: Revolution" - an official independent addition to the cult domestic project "Space Rangers 2", developed by SNK-Games in collaboration with the fans of the series. The main innovation of the "Revolution" is the plot branch dedicated to the confrontation of pirate expansion. While the Coalition was concentrating on the struggle against the dominators, the pirates led by the mysterious leader joined forces and began an organized seizure of power in the galaxy.

Game features:
"Space Rangers HD: Revolution" is a unique combination of several genres. The romance of space travel and adventure, the tactics of planetary battles and the strategy of freeing the systems captured by the enemy - all this is in the game. Here, even fans of arcade battles and text quests will find a lesson for themselves. It's hard to imagine a more versatile game!
* In the universe of the game, everything is interconnected - this is a big and incredibly interesting world that can live and develop independently, without your participation! This is over 60 star systems, including more than 250 planets and stations inhabited by sentient beings, as well as many other space objects with which you can interact.
* In the universe of the game ply hundreds of ships, controlled by computer pilots. These are peace and military ships, ships of pirates and dominator invaders, as well as more than 50 rangers - your direct competitors in freeing the galaxy from the threat hanging over it. They make interstellar flights, trade, fight, buy new equipment and weapons - in general, regardless of you go about your business.
* You can choose which of the 5 races that inhabit the galaxy, will play, and take advantage of its unique features to achieve their goals.
* In the world of the game you can just live! You are free to do what you like: do quests, trade, participate in planetary battles, fight dominators or trade piracy in Coalition systems.
* Someone will like the system of flight ranks assigned to the downed ships, while others will be fascinated by collecting micromodules and accumulating experience that allows them to improve 6 pilot skills.
* You can complete the game in different ways: for example, destroy the dominant bosses or try to agree with them. Therefore, the world of "Space Rangers" will appeal to both ingrained warriors and convinced pacifists.
* Thanks to a unique system of dialogues, all ships communicate with each other: they advise profitable trade routes, require money to travel, ask for help, offer to make a military alliance, or make commercial deals with each other.
* A large number of standard types of equipment and artifacts with unique properties allows you to maximize the equipment of your ship.

* The main features of the add-on "Revolution" are:
- New additional storyline. After completing one of the branches, you can finish the game or continue with the rest of the plot. Depending on your actions, the future of the entire inhabited world will change: you can put an end to the pirate invasion or, conversely, put the entire Coalition on your knees before the aggressors!
- Large-scale technical modernization. Now the game supports the whole range of modern resolutions, including widescreen, vertical synchronization and anti-aliasing (in the mode of planetary battles), work with multi-core configurations, large amounts of RAM. Also, the program runs without problems on all modern operating systems.
- New music. You will hear more than fifteen original musical themes that will allow you to dive even deeper into the astounding universe of Space Rangers.

* Other innovations:
- More than a dozen planetary text quests.
- More than fifteen maps of planetary robots fighting.
- More than twenty government assignments.
- Unique non-subject scripted events.
- A variety of equipment and micromodules.
- Ability to go through all the cards of arcade battles from the main menu of the game.
- And many many others!

1. Run the installation file.
2. Follow the instructions of the installer.
3. We play

System requirement :
✔ Operating system : Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1, Windows 7
✔ Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo at 2Ghz, or AMD Athlon 64 x2 2Ghz, or better
✔ RAM : 1GB
✔ Video : NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT with 512 MB of video memory or similar ATI
✔ Sound Card : Sound device compatible with DirectX ® 9.0s
✔ Free space on the hard disk : 3 GB