Autodesk VRED Pro 2020.1.0 with Assets Manager | 4.4 Gb
Autodesk Vred Products is one of the most popular and most widely used software in the design, specialized engineering company Autodesk is widely used in the visualization of 3D, modeling and detailed design of the product. This application is especially manufacturers of transport such as cars, motorcycles, helicopters and more. The ability to combine the models with models with software such as 3Ds max, MAYA and built-in software that can model the software design ready for you in this app combine your samples. Engineers and designers can use this special software for prototyping and three-dimensional visualization products, especially their use. The software update feature that can be media editor, optimize and improve the script, promoting, improve FileIO and so on.

Use the Asset Manager to manage items like scenes, environments, and materials across multiple projects. Each tab contains the assets and location of those assets for that category. Global assets stored anywhere in the network can be accessed as from a local folder. This supports standardization throughout several projects or even across multiple departments within the company.

-HDR Light Studio:Added support for linking 3D area lights with live sync
-Materials:Added a new Substance environment material
-Rendering:Added support for HDR10 displays
-Scripting:Added Python script for getting the serial number of VR devices
-VR:Added collaboration participant icons and names to the top of the VR Menu Home panel
-VR:Added the time to the bottom of the VR Menu Home panel
-VR:Enabled annotations to be seen upon creation by all participants in a collaboration session

-FileIO:Removed VPE as save/export format
-Material Editor:Added a Quit button to shutdown an HDR Light Studio background process (HDRLightStudio.exe) and free up the license
-Materials:Included support for defined X-Rite and Substance variant states in Variants, VariantSets, and Render Queue captures
-Materials:Made Substance presets and AxF sub materials accessible in the Variants and VSets UI
-Rendering Migrated to using Optix 6 for the VRED denoiser to improve performance and provide alpha channel denoising
-Scene Plates:Added an environment variable to support a flexible URL file path location in the Sceneplate Editor
-Scripting:Added Parent Constraint Object
-Scripting:Added getSelectedMaterials function
-Scripting:Output loaded Script plugins in Terminal
-Substance:Resolved locating missing presets image attributes
-Substance:Restored images on disk using fallback images for image attributes
-VR:Added an explicit visual cue, a green ball, to the end of the pointer to indicate the user is hovering over a touch sensor
-VR:Added option to disable the visibility of Variant Sets in the VR Menu
-Varjo:Enabled the support to asynchronously submit frames to the GPU

-Cluster:Saving render passes, while rendering in cluster mode, no longer causes incorrect rendering results
-Denoiser:All render passes are now working when using the AI denoiser
-File IO:FBX import now respects UV offset information from Maya, when repeat UV factor is set
-FileIO:Unused materials are no longer deleted after importing CAD data
-Generaleleting tags no longer prevents the creation of new tags with the same name
-Generalocumentation links in toolclips are now working
-General:An image is no longer upside down in HMD when opening Y-up scenes
-General:VRED thumbnail provider no longer crashes Windows Explorer
-General:VRPN tracking connection is now possible using the system variable VRED_SERVICE_PAGE = 0
-Known Issueenoiser artefacts when rendering out no- premultiplied alpha renderpasses
-Materials:Added missing tooltips for substance materials
-Materials:Fixed environment geometry picking issue when backplate is on
-Materials:Multigraph substance materials are now correctly restored when triggering a new rendering
-Materials:Pasting an archive file name to a substance material works correctly
-Materials:Substance presets with "(" in preset names are no longer causing issues
-Materials:Substance material images are now shared automatically
-Materials:X-Rite materials containing multiple materials now show all materials in switch
-Media Editor:A deleted URL no longer returns after a reload
-Media Editor:Fixed interaction with web engines when backplates are on
-Perspective match:Color correction for backplate now applies to the magnifier
-Raytracing:Flake size of flipflop material is now consistent with OpenGL
-Rendering:Cryptomatte passes are now rendered when using the Render Queue
-Rendering:Enabling Powerwall Mode, while in VR display mode, no longer leads to a crash
-Rendering:Enabling RT when the AI denoiser and camera glow are on now triggers a render update
-Rendering:Fixed the performance drop after using Optimize
-Rendering:Fixed the potentially incorrect evaluation order of constraints saved in a project file
-Scene Plates:Changes are now recognized in the "Save changes to..." dialog
-Scene Plates:HMI can now be accessed through a transparent area of a frontplate
-Scripting:Added missing Python functions to access the camera and tracking matrix of other users
-Scripting:Fixed Substance Python documentation for "adding presets"
-Scripting:Fixed command syncronization in VR Collaboration sessions
-Scripting:Fixed a crash when using setNodeInteractableInVR
-Scripting:Loading substance archives using Python now loads associated preset file
-Scripting:PySide signal connections to global Python functions are now disconnected automatically
-Scripting:applySubstancePresetWithDefaultOutputSizeByIndex now also works when a material is not selected
-Substanceependent property states are now correctly set when applying presets
-Substance:Image attributes of presets are now supported
-Touch Screen:2-finger camera navigation now respects disabled navigation, locked camera, and web engine blocking navigation
-Touch Screen:2-finger camera panning no longer causes corrupt camera transformations
-Touch Screen:2-finger zoom with orthographic camera works now
-VRHero:Changing view from HMD to Standard and back to HMD work as expected
-VRHero:Head position in VR is correct now
-VR: Vive Tracker is no longer initialized as a hand/controller
-Variant Setsuplicating variant sets now respects "Sequential Status", "Show in VR", and "Sync in Collaboration"
-Variant Sets:Verifiying variant sets no longer produces a lot of "false positives"
-Variantsragging a material into a material variant is now possible
-Varjo:SLI Multicast is now supported

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