In order to bypass FRP you need to know "What is FRP"? FRP stand for Ractory Reset Protection. FRP is feature available on the Android version 5 Google to provide security against theft or unwanted access. Using FRP Hijacker tool you can unlock any Samsung phone. To easy Bypass Google account by FRP Hijacker you need go through below steps:

  1. To do so download FRP Hijacker tool over the internet
  2. After the completion of download extract the download files
  3. Now copy it to the main desktop screen and Connect the Android device with the help of Micro USB cable
  4. Select the "COMPORT" option
  5. Again select the "ADB operation" tab
  6. Click on "Remove FRP"
  7. It will work only if your device is with Installed ADB driver
  8. Click on "Remove FRP" option. Your device will automatically be detected
  9. After completion of this process don't forget to reset "Factory" of your device
  10. Hence, this leads to successfully bypassed google account verification from your smartphone.