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Thinkbox Software Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of Deadline This release adds support for 3ds Max 2020 and Eddy for Nuke 2, includes a new AWS feature called "Resource Tracker", and includes many improvements and bug fixes.

Note that 3ds Max 2020 AMIs for AWS Portal are not available at this time.

General Improvements
- Added a new "KeepWorkerRunning" option for the Deadline Client INI file (deadline.ini). When enabled, the Deadline Launcher will ensure the Worker is always running on the machine, and restart it if necessary.
- Fixed an "Unknown Fields" warning that could occur during job submission when not using the AWS Portal feature.
AWS Portal Improvements
- Added a new "Resource Tracker" service that monitors the health of instances started by Deadline in your AWS account.
Monitor Improvements
- If an error occurs when trying to stream a Worker log, a proper error is now displayed, instead of just failing silently.
Worker Improvements
- Fixed an issue with Concurrent Tasks where the Worker would skip over some of the tasks and leave them in a "Waiting to start" state.
- Fixed an issue that resulted in malformed information about Limits being logged in the Worker log.
- Fixed an issue that prevented Remote Commands from being executed by the Worker when it was running on the same machine that the command was issued from.
- A Minor error is no longer counted towards determining if a Worker should be marked as bad for a job. Note that error level is something that is configured via Deadline's plugin API, and by default all errors are treated as Major errors.
Remote Connection Server Improvements
- Improved the error message on Windows when the RCS reports a namespace reservation error.
- Fixed an issue that could cause unnecessary folders and zip files to be created in the system temp folder.

Application Plugin Improvements

3ds Max
- Added support for 3ds Max 2020.
After Effects
- Fixed an issue for After Effects 2018 and later where Deadline would incorrectly fail the render if "Adding specified comp to Render Queue" was printed to the log during rendering.
- Fixed a bug in the Houdini plugin that prevented Path Mapping from working properly.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the MayaCmd plugin from setting environment variables correctly.
- Fixed a syntax error in the integrated submitter that could occur after upgrading from Deadline 9 to Deadline 10.
- Added support for Eddy for Nuke 2
V-Ray Standalone
- Fixed a path mapping issue that could occur with a vrscene file that had a lot of includes.

Event Plugin Improvements

- Added support for wildcards in the Spot Fleet Request configured Groups.
- If the Group that a Spot Fleet Request is associated with no longer exists, the Request is now canceled.
- Fixed an issue that could prevent information about a newly created Spot Fleet Request from being saved in the database.

About Thinkbox Deadline 10 Deadline is a hassle-free administration and compute management toolkit based render farms, and supports over 80 different content creation applications out of the box. It offers a world of flexibility and a wide-range of management options for render farms and compute clusters of all sizes, and allows users the freedom to easily access any combination of on-premise or cloud-based resources for their rendering and processing needs. Deadline's unique architecture removes the need for a centralized manager application by using a highly-scalable database and basic file sharing to manage the farm. As long as your Database and File Server are running, Deadline is running.

Deadline 10 is the first release to offer customers access to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Spot Instances that can significantly reduce the cost of running rendering applications, and help you increase compute capacity on the same budget. Starting today, customers can also purchase by-the-minute render time in the AWS Cloud through the Thinkbox Marketplace. Deadline for Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Arnold, an Autodesk offering, and Chaos Group's V-Ray can all be purchased in the marketplace.

Deadline 10 integrates with the AWS Cloud to enable customers to expand their render farms - whether on-premises, cloud, or hybrid - simply and securely. To ensure that all the appropriate assets are available in the cloud, Deadline synchronizes with local servers and manages the data transfer before rendering begins, tagging accounts and instances for bill allocation. With flexible third-party licensing options, Deadline 10 customers can purchase software licenses from the Thinkbox Marketplace, bring their own licenses, or leverage a combination of the two to grow render farms elastically from the AWS Cloud.

Mike Owen covers a brief history of Thinkbox and jumps into a demo of AWS Thinkbox Deadline with Amazon EC2 Spot to help scale rendering pipelines using AWS Portal. He also shows how you can take advantage of products such as Draft and Jigsaw to help make it easier to manage your rendering tasks.

About Thinkbox Software Inc. Thinkbox Software provides creative solutions for visual artists in entertainment, engineering and design. Developer of high-volume particle renderer Krakatoa and render farm management software Deadline, the team of Thinkbox Software solves difficult production problems with intuitive, well-designed solutions and remarkable support. We create tools that help artists manage their jobs and empower them to create worlds and imagine new realities. Thinkbox was founded in 2010 by Chris Bond, founder of Frantic Films.

Product: Thinkbox Deadline
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Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 691.2 mb

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