Concept Draw Office 5

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The CS Odessa team has launched ConceptDraw OFFICE v5. This solution is essential to provide brainstorming sessions, create diagrams, schematics, mind maps, project plans, dashboards, presentations, and many other business visualizations.

What is New in ConceptDraw OFFICE 5

The fifth installment of ConceptDraw OFFICE 5 boasts new and improved versions of each facet of the OFFICE Suite. ConceptDraw OFFICE v5 features a number of essential improvements. Our new Office suite includes a major update to each of the three of our products, enhancing each individual component, as well as the integration between all three.

There are many enhancements and improvements to ConceptDraw OFFICE 5. Check individual products: ConceptDraw DIAGRAM 12, ConceptDraw MINDMAP 10, and ConceptDraw PROJECT 9, to view a summary of the new functionality in each product. Below is a partial list of changes made to ConceptDraw products.

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM 12

We are pleased to introduce you to the new name of ConceptDraw PRO. The new ConceptDraw DIAGRAM 12 reflects the application's role in the ConceptDraw OFFICE 5 suite as a powerful business diagramming platform. DIAGRAM 12 boasts many of the features that have been requested by ConceptDraw users.

- The updated Solutions panel displays solutions that are not installed yet so you can quickly find the necessary ones and install them via STORE.
- The new Style feature lets you apply pre-designed color schemes and format styles to your drawing with one click.
- The set of new Text Tools make short work of adding titles and comments to diagrams.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP 10

The major update is focused on the integration of mind mapping and task management to get things done efficiently for any-type projects, workflows, and goals.

- You can group topics within boundaries. Using boundaries is helpful when you want to focus the viewer's attention on a particular segment of the mind map.
- New Map Minder Tool allows you to add a task reminder to your To-Do mind maps. Using the Map Minder Tool you can track any mind map schedule keeping it always up-to-date.
- New Pin tool lets you "freeze" elements on the mind map. You can use it when you want to lock a specific topic, subtopic or graphic image in place.

ConceptDraw PROJECT 9

The new release of ConceptDraw PROJECT provides a set of improvements that help professionals visualize, maintain, and communicate projects even more effective. The new 64-bit version is dramatically faster, and it can address more memory. Users of supported 64-bit operating systems will experience improved performance and enhanced capabilities: Faster program startup times, and improved processing of big files.

- Using the advantage of the integration between ConceptDraw OFFICE v5 products become more convenient since the "DIAGRAM" and "Open in MINDMAP" buttons were added to the interface.
- New Solutions panel provides direct access from the application to a content of project management solutions including sample project files and embedded reports.
- Now you can collect additional specific information important for a particular project by adding custom fields to a project outline.

About ConceptDraw OFFICE 5. ConceptDraw OFFICE 5 is a powerful software suite especially tailored for business managers of all types, but also designed to be comprehensive for whatever business task you are working on. It includes three software products integrated by the unique data exchange technology. The suite combines business diagramming, mind mapping and project management software. ConceptDraw OFFICE v5 is essential to provide brainstorming sessions, create diagrams, schematics, mind maps, project plans, dashboards, presentations, and many other business visualizations.

ConceptDraw OFFICE 5 contains three integrated products that assist in any business management activity:

DIAGRAM 12 - professional-quality graphic solutions of all sorts for all businesses
MINDMAP 10 - is essential to strategic planning, knowledge and team management
PROJECT 9 - provides a professional approach to portfolio and project management

About Computer Systems Odessa Computer Systems Odessa is a leading software development company that builds critical business tools for the desktop. We at CS Odessa believe that technology is rapidly changing the way people communicate with one another, and that there is a strong trend towards displaying information in a visual format to improve communication, information sharing and decision making.

Daily CS Odessa delivers the software worldwide online both directly and through international resellers, with headquarter in Odessa, Ukraine and an established US office in San Jose, California. We constantly are enlarging our distribution network aiming at expanding our high quality products and end-user support to various countries all over the world.

Product: ConceptDraw OFFICE
Version: 5
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: English
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 370.6 mb

System Requirements:
- OS: Microsoft Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit certified)
- CPU: Intel or AMD; 1.8 GHz or higher
- RAM: 1.5 GB
- HDD: 540 Mb disk space (1.5 GB during the installation)