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View the heavens on your computer from any place on the Earth, in the Solar System, or beyond. Witness celestial events thousands of years in the past or future. Voyager includes millions of stars, clusters, nebulae, and galaxies visible only through powerful telescopes. This professional version of our software is designed for the advanced user with a serious interest in astronomy. Voyager can be used to control computer-driven telescopes to show you what is actually being simulated on your computer screen. Voyager 4.5 includes a powerful set of features and capabilities.

New Horizons
Voyager 4.5 includes many new 360-degree horizon panoramas, including Cathedral Rock in Arizona, a mirror-still lake in upstate New York, and a tropical beach in Hawaii. You can create your own digital horizon panorama, and show the sky as it appears from your backyard!

New Planet Rendering
Voyager 4.5's planet, moon, ring, and shadow drawing code has been completely rewritten to include the effects of perspective and rotational flattening. See Saturn's moons cast their shadows across the planet's ellipsoidal face; get a proper "astronaut's-eye view" of the Earth from the International Space Station.

New Planet and Moon Maps
Voyager 4.5 has updated high-resolution maps of the Earth, Moon, and Mars; and adds new high resolution maps of Saturn's moons from the Cassini mission. Planets and moons are rendered realistically, using the latest imagery from NASA's Clementine, Magellan, Mars Global Surveyor, Galileo, and Cassini missions.

New Animations
Voyager 4.5 has updated animations of solar and lunar eclipses; spacecraft encounters with the major planets; rare shadow transits on Jupiter and Saturn; the changing shape of the constellations over tens of thousands of years; a journey around the Pleiades and Hydes star clusters; precession of the celestial pole over its 26,000 year cycle; and the orbits of the newly discovered dwarf planets in the outer solar system.

New Data Updates
Voyager 4.5 can now download and import the latest orbit data for comets and asteroids directly from the Minor Planet Center. It can also download and import satellite orbit files in standard NORAD TLE (Two Line Element) format - all to ensure accurate position predictions. Bring your Solar System up to date with a single click of the mouse!

Operating System: Windows 7, 8 & 10

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