Ultimate Fishing Simulator [v + 3 DLC]] (2018) PC | GOG |Size:4.31 GB
Release year : 2018
Genre : Simulation , Sport
Developer : Ultimate Games SA, Bit Golem
Publisher : Ultimate Games SA, PlayWay SA
Game version : (31045)
Edition type : License
Interface language : Russian / English / MULTI
Voice language : English
Tablet : not required (DRM-Free)

Ultimate Fishing Simulator - virtual fishing in which you can choose a lake or a river for fishing and move along the shore in the selection of the right place. Visit cities of different countries of the world, such as Poland, Germany, France, Great Britain, USA and Canada. In which you go to fishing places and try to catch a few fish for bait or spinning. The game allows you to completely relax on the fishing playing in the mode of free fishing. There you will not worry about the number of fish, about the time spent on fishing, there you just need to fish in your pleasures. Well, if fishing for you is a sport, then you can participate in a tournament with real players or go to perform tasks. Tasks are waiting for you very different, from the capture of a certain number of fish in the allotted time, before the capture of a certain type of fish. Earn the money you need to buy new gear. You can buy new coils, fishing rods, spinnings, baits, boats and many other fishing gear.

Game Features:

If you are tired of waiting for a bite and fall asleep in front of the monitor, then you are playing a bad game. In Ultimate Fishing Simulator this will never happen. Choose the right equipment and bait, and then drop the fishing rod and wait for the bite. Success guaranteed.
In addition to traditional fishing methods, Ultimate Fishing Simulator features ice fishing for which there is a special map! Buy a drill in the store, find a suitable place and drill a hole. Only not too small, otherwise you will not be able to fish out the fish.
Every fisherman loves to admire his trophies. Some let go of the fish, others hang on the walls. In Ultimate Fishing Simulator, you are free to do the same. Decide what to do with your catch. Sell? Let off? Hang on the wall? The choice is yours.
If the available cards started to bother you, you can always create your own. Get creative, create your dream fish spot, and then show it to other players using the built-in editor. Enjoy fishing in the company of friends, throwing a fishing rod in your favorite family place. What more could you ask for?
Everyone likes to use branded equipment, which often differs from competitors in terms of parameters and appearance. Our game is the only fishing simulator with a SAKURA equipment license (SERT SAS). Here you will find their fishing rods, reels, bait and fishing line. Each item has been carefully studied and added to the game.

Additional content:

DLC : Moraine Lake
DLC : Kariba Dam
DLC: Greenland

System Requirements:
☑OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
☑Processor: Core i5
☑Video card: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB VRAM
☑ Disk space : 9.26 GB