Truberbrook [v 1.6] (2019) PC | GOG |Size: 2.17 GB
Release Date : March 12, 2019
Genre : Adventure , Quest , Mystery , Sci-Fi
Developer : btf
Publisher : Headup, WhisperGames
Version : 1.6 (30927)
Edition Type : License
Interface Language : Russian, English and other
Speech Language : English, German
Tablet : not required (DRM-Free)

An unusual vacation in the 60s in a parallel universe! Sci-fi adventure game with hand-made scenery. Trüberbrook is an exciting, mysterious adventure game in a sci-fi entourage. An unusual vacation in the 60s in a parallel universe awaits you - a sci-fi adventure, all of which are created manually. Imagine that in the courtyard the end of the 60s and you went on vacation to Western Europe. Now imagine that you yourself are a young American scientist and your name is Hans Tannhäuser. Yes, exactly like the hero of Wagner's opera. Now imagine Truberbrook - a small town in the German outback from the Cold War, lost among forests and mountains. Because it was here that you somehow found yourself, it was worth you to get to Europe. Ay Yes, do not care - you won this trip to the lottery! At least you think so. However, there is nothing to be afraid of: instead of a well-deserved rest, the world will be saved ...


But how else, if this is a solo sci-fi adventure game with a detective bias? Do not let you get bored!
Can you like this game?
In the yard 1967. The Cold War, the conflict in Vietnam, the lunar race between the USSR and the USA. Student protests shake all of Europe, from Paris to Berlin. Chaos reigns in the world, and what happens at that time in a remote German province - who cares? But the American student Hans Tannhäuser has to go exactly there: the lottery win and a ticket to the small German town of Truberbrook fall on him like snow on his head. What kind of Truberbrook is this and what does it eat with? No idea! Honestly, Hans doesn't remember any lotteries ... However, what can't you do if you don't sit down for a dissertation on quantum physics, and now our hero, armed with an inborn curiosity, goes to Truberbrook.
One of the main features of the game is our unique visual style. All the scenery in the game is created manually. Yes, in the literal sense - we made them and collected them with our hands. And with your fingers! And this very unique and magical style arose that distinguishes the world of Truberbrook.

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System Requirements:
Operating system : Windows 7+
Processor : 3 GHz
RAM : 4 GB
Video card : DirectX 11
Disk space : 7 GB