Mentor Graphics PADS Pro VX.2.5 Update 6 | 6.6 Gb
The Mentor Graphics EDA team has released an update 6 to Mentor Graphics PADS VX.2.5. This release includes a small of bug fixes and technical improvements, many of which have been suggested by you through Mentor Ideas.

PADS Professional Flow VX.2.5 Update 6 Release Notes - Date: August 2019

Problems Fixed in PADS-Pro VX.2.5 Update 6
Xpedition Layout
dts0101381200 - Performance issues when routing
dts0101376265 - Random/Periodic freeze of applications when working with EDM
dts0101381194 - Add multi-threaded licensing to Fablink and Drawing Editor
dts0101384613-Single pin component pop-up stops batch execution

PADS Professional VX.2.5 focuses on enhancements to the core technology, many of which have been suggested by you through Mentor Ideas.

Note: The following is a condensed summary of the PADS release highlights.

Undock Designs
Users can now undock their designs in PADS Professional VX.2.5. This is done by simply selecting a location to save the undocked project and choosing to save cross-probing data.
Trace loop control by net
Most designs do not require loops. However, some design applications (shielding signals, power/ground nets with partial vias) may require them. In the latest PADS Professional VX.2.5 update, users can allow and disallow loops on nets in layout.
Expanded constraint template support
If the same templates are required in multiple projects, a quick import of a saved constraint template can save valuable time. In PADS VX.2.5, users can now easily import and export their constraint templates from one project to the next. Instead of creating templates over and over again, constraint manager can import a saved .cts constraint template file and immediately apply it to a new design.
3D Design Enhancements
PADS Professional VX.2.5 comes with many improvements to 3D. Users now have the option to not load the 3D view on tool startup. Toolbar management allows 3D toolbars to be turned back on the next time the 3D view is opened. The 3D view cube has been updated to allow for easier viewing of different angles on the board. 3D DRC violations in the Hazard Explorer now show the exact location of the violation and highlights the model with yellow or red warnings or errors, respectively.
Schematic starpoints
In PADS Professional VX.2.5, users now have the ability to create starpoints in their schematic that can be passed to layout. These allow users to tie multiple nets together at one point, using a through-hole padstack. Once the design has been forward annotated to layout, the starpoint can be placed like a component.

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Product: Mentor Graphics PADS
Version: Pro VX.2.5 Update 6 with Documentation
Supported Architectures: x86
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 6.6 Gb

System Requirements
- Hardware platform: PC
- 64-bit Operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1 & Windows 7 SP1
- Memory requirements: 8 GB RAM (min)
- Disk space requirements: Download ~4.9 GB, Installation >8.0 GB

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