Layout Editor Build 20190820 | 248.3 mb
The juspertor team has launched Layout Editor Build 20190820 is the most popular software to edit designs for MEMS and IC fabrication which also often be used for Multi-Chip-Modules (MCM), Chip-on-Board (COB), Low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC), Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMIC), printed circuit boards (PCB), thick film technology, thin film technology or any other technology using photomasks.

New Features:
- fill selected shapes feature to fill with array of cell references
- use live TESCAN SEM images as background images
- better usage of content menu scaling/moving feature

File Formats:

- support of cell scaling (not part of the CIF specifications)
- support of coordinates with negative exponent
- add new method to class cell:
- void cell:copyCell(cell *otherCell)
- void cell::flatCellref(element *e)
- add new method to class drawingField:
- void drawingField::fillSelectedShapes(string cellname);
- void drawingField::fillSelectedShapes(cell*)
- add new method to class element:
- int element::getPresentation()
- bool element::isRectangle()
- bool element::isSquare()
- add new method to class schematicDisplay:
- bool schemticDisplay::setSheet(string s)
- void schemticDisplay::setSheet(sheet *s)
- sheet* schemticDisplay::findSheet(string sheetname)
- add new method to class pointArray:
- static pointArray spirale(point center,point p1,point p2,double angelstep)
- static pointArray circle(point center,int radius,double angelstep)
- static pointArray ellipse(point center,int rx,int ry,double angelstep)
- static pointArray bezier2(point pstart, point pend, point pbezier,int maxDepth=-2)
- static pointArray bezier3(point pstart, point pend, point pbezierstart, point pbezierend, int maxDepth=-2);
- add new method to class textEdit:
- textEdit::newDoc()
- add support of cout("text");

Bug Fixes:

- screen refresh after running autostart macros without design access
- color profil problem on Windows
- installation on drive D: for Windows
- macro debugging of a pointArray
- start problem on Cinemon with KDE
- using default width for some circular tools
- fselect macro call on lower left corner of boxes
- macro recording for circleRadius
- schematic ports display of 90/270deg rotated components
- link to ODA file converter former Teigha File converter

The LayoutEditor is a general editor for layout designs and schematics in all areas like micro electronics, MEMS, nano electronic. It works internally with the GDSII file format the most common file format in this area and has import/export features to nearly any file format existing in the area.

The LayoutEditor project was started in 2004 as an Open Source project. It become very popular. So in 2009 the company behind the LayoutEditor named juspertor was founded and commercial support was established. With the massive extension of the feature the LayoutEditor become a commercial software but it can still be used as a free viewer for huge designs as well as a free editor for small designs.

Juspertor originated from the Open-Source project LayoutEditor. With its growing popularity users asked for more features and professional support, which cannot be guaranteed by an open source project. In addition, some features imply a non-disclosure agreement with intellectual property holders. To meet these user demands, Juspertor was founded. Juspertor has substantially enhanced LayoutEditor and now sells it as a commercial product. Juspertor is located in Munich, Germany.

Product: Layout Editor
Version: Build 20190820
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 248.3 mb

The general Windows installer package will run on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10 etc. It will not run on Windows XP. Until release 2ß180129 a package for Windows XP was available. The Windows XP package will also run on Vista and Windows 7. All packages exists for 32 bit systems as well as for 64 bit systems.

All packages will need the Microsoft's VCruntime library for the correct C++ version. If it is not present, the installer will install is automatic on most system. However on Windows 7 it may fail to detect it. In that case, please install it by hand. Also if you use the zip package, you need to install it manual. The correct version is included in the zip package under 3rd-Party folder. Both Microsoft's VCruntime packages are need to to run the LayoutEditor.

The installer will add an entry for the LayoutEditor in the start menu. For the zip package you had to start the LayoutEditor with a double click on the LayoutEditor.bat file from the file manager.

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