The newly formed fused Potara warrior decides to name himself Vegito (Vegerot in the VIZ edition), combining the names Vegeta and Kakarot together, the two warriors who created this fusion. Immediately after deciding on his name, Vegito transforms into a Super Saiyan, calling himself Super Vegito. Super Buu however, it not afraid of this new warrior, and immediately begins to charge towards the warrior at full speed. Super Buu fires an Energy Sphere towards Vegito, only for Vegito to easily deflect it back with one arm, with the ball returning to Super Buu, barely missing his head. Despite Vegito's skills, Super Buu still believes he still has the advantage, and once again rushes towards his target, claiming he'll never destroy him. Immediately though, Vegito delivers a powerful kick to Super Buu's nose, giving him a

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