CST STUDIO SUITE 2019 SP4 Update | 278.7 mb
Computer Simulation Technology (CST), part of SIMULIA, a Dassault Systèmes brand, announces the release update of its flagship EM simulation software, CST Studio Suite 2019.

General / Environment
- Enabled relative path for CATIA V5 and SOLIDWORKS import. New Feature!
- Fixed broken port mode arrow Description.
- Improved switching of multiple tabs under Linux.
- Fixed issue with wrong solver output in Job Control Center.
- Avoid early abort because of re-used approximated surrogate models in the globalized Trust Region Framework.
- Fixed issue that Job Control Center does not receive solver progress.
- Selecting 'Print...' in the Parameter List no longer activates undo for the latest parameter change.
- The navigation tree no longer disappears when switching between the assembly view and an open DS block view.
- Fixed stability issue when creating Simulation Projects.
- During parameter list export, all parameter values will be written with quotation marks, and not only those, which have a description.
- Corrected transformations for ports with labels during a fast model update.
- Fixed encoding issue in Info Text caption.
- Fixed check and download of updates when a local path is used that contained spaces.
- Added a message box to inform that the Microsoft EDGE browser does not support context sensitive help.
- Updated debug registry files to current version.
- Improved visualization of Eye Diagram in Simulation Review App.
- Improved stability when uploading CST projects.
- Repaired and improved algorithm to find specified result templates for Process Composer Integration.
- Fixed encoding issue in project parameter export for Process Composer.
System Assembly and Modeling (SAM)
- Assembly data imported from 3DEXPERIENCE can now be updated via command line option. New Feature!
- Array Task: Added a way to import only amplitude and phase values from a TSV file. New Feature!
- Fixed unresponsive application when defining an array task and choosing a project template.
- Array Task: Fixed combined farfield results workflow in full array simulation projects.
- Fixed creation of uni-directional hybrid solver task with pre-calculated field source.
Biological Models
- Adjusted tissue properties for skin used in human materials macro according to reference.
- Improved performance when Descriptionting FIT subvolume field monitors.
Hexahedral (Hex) Mesh
- Fixed loading of empty ACIS file in case it is part of a protected project.
- Fixed an issue in applying local mesh properties for hexahedral mesh.
- Repaired frequency scaling for CST MWS netlist extraction.
- Fixed issue with field source and protected project.
- Improved numerical precision of ADS component s-parameter mdif file.
- Reactivated the subvolume option for 3D field Description data exports.
- Feature automatic sensitivities for FD3D extraction based optimization for diplexers.
- Fixed crash combining the power loss computation on subvolume monitors.
CST MICROWAVE STUDIO - Transient Solver (TLM Mesh)
- Fixed error discretizing multi-stranded cable models on some Linux systems.
CST MICROWAVE STUDIO - Frequency Domain Solver (Tetrahedral Mesh)
- Improved field orientation algorithm for numerical discrete face elements.
- Improved performance of error estimation with variable order during tetrahedral mesh refinement.
CST MICROWAVE STUDIO - Integral Equation Solver
- Improved calculation time and accuracy of radiated power calculation.
- Fixed 2D/3D field monitor calculation issues for near field source excitations.
- Fixed problem, which lead to error message residual “nan”.
CST MICROWAVE STUDIO - Multilayer Solver
- Improved error message for setups with apertures in CMA.
- Removed 2GB file size limitation for reading of TET mesh.
CST EM STUDIO - E-Static Solver (Tetrahedral Mesh)
- Fixed an issue with large systems in E-Static TET solver.
CST EM STUDIO - LF Time Domain Solver (Tetrahedral Mesh)
- Enable pick points for motion gap definition.
- Fixed the use of an equation of motion for 3D.
- Fixed issue with conductivity for stacked materials.
- Fixed issue with point monitors and subvolume for certain setups.
- Fixed issue with torque computation for 3D rotation with axis not in Z-direction.
CST EM STUDIO - LF Frequency Domain Solver (Tetrahedral Mesh)
- Fixed issue with mesh adaptation and auto/iterative solver in connection with lumped elements.
- Fixed issue when using parameter sweep in combination with Wakefield solver.
- Fixed an issue that changing the solver to E-Static PIC did sometimes not work in the Ribbon.
- Error dialog box is not shown now on trying to 'split bus pins' of a block when some bus pins are connected.
- The IBIS-AMI simulation task automatically selects the AMI executable models most appropriate for the host's operating system. New Feature!
- It is no longer possible to define parameters with cyclic dependencies in the 'New Parameter' dialog.
- Fixed issue with twice re-used surrogate models in Trust Region Optimizer when result sampling changes.
- Fixed block creation workflow for blocks, which assign a device library model.
- Fixed an issue where blocks could be pasted although copy failed which resulted in incomplete blocks.
- Multi-selection of probes is now independent whether they are selected in the schematic or in the navigation tree.
- Fixed LTSPICE export of switches with negative hysteresis parameter VH or IH, respectively.
- Repaired positioning of blocks created from Component or Device Library.
- Transient task-VBA: Added the possibility to setup the simulation physical time using a VBA-macro. New Feature!
- When loading a project, evaluate project parameter expressions after project units are set, since expressions may depend on units.
- Setting excitations of DC, AC and transient tasks via VBA does not duplicate settings anymore.
- More detailed help pages for Hybrid Solver Simulation Task (bi-directional). New Feature!
Result Templates / VBA / Macros / External Data Access
- Farfield Result Template: Improved import of TSV files.
- Fourier Result Template: Allow subsequent evaluating for all existing RunIDs. New Feature!
- Evaluate Field in arbitrary Coordinates: Added capability to specify Simulation Project. New Feature!
- Added SetQuietMode VBA command to suppress message boxes. New Feature!

CST Studio Suite is a high-performance 3D EM analysis software package for designing, analyzing and optimizing electromagnetic (EM) components and systems.
Electromagnetic field solvers for applications across the EM spectrum are contained within a single user interface in CST Studio Suite. The solvers can be coupled to perform hybrid simulations, giving engineers the flexibility to analyze whole systems made up of multiple components in an efficient and straightforward way. Co-design with other SIMULIA products allows EM simulation to be integrated into the design flow and drives the development process from the earliest stages.
Common subjects of EM analysis include the performance and efficiency of antennas and filters, electromagnetic compatibility and interference (EMC/EMI), exposure of the human body to EM fields, electro-mechanical effects in motors and generators, and thermal effects in high-power devices.
CST Studio Suite is used in leading technology and engineering companies around the world. It offers considerable product to market advantages, facilitating shorter development cycles and reduced costs. Simulation enables the use of virtual prototyping. Device performance can be optimized, potential compliance issues identified and mitigated early in the design process, the number of physical prototypes required can be reduced, and the risk of test failures and recalls minimized
CST Microwave studio Models 2019| Hyperthermia | Human models in CST

Computer Simulation Technology (CST) offers accurate, efficient computational solutions for electromagnetic design and analysis. Our 3D EM simulation software is user-friendly and enables you to choose the most appropriate method for the design and optimization of devices operating in a wide range of frequencies.
Product: CST Studio Suite
Version: 2019 SP4 Update Only
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Software Prerequisites: CST Studio Suite 2019
Size: 278.7 mb

Minimum requirement
Processor: Intel x86-64 processor
Memory: (RAM) 16GB
Graphics card: 100% OpenGL compatible graphics card
Storage: 30GB of free disk space

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