IBM ILOG CPLEX Enterprise Server v12.9.0 x64-DVT

File Size: 956 MiB

IBM ILOG CPLEX Enterprise Server makes optimization easy to use and deploy. An important breakthrough in decision-support application development, IBM ILOG OPL applications provide all the features business people need to take full advantage of optimization technology. Applications built with IBM ILOG OPL help users to create and understand planning or scheduling scenarios, adjusting any of the model inputs and fully understanding the binding constraints, trade-offs, sensitivities and business options.

Scalable enterprise deployment

This server, IBM ILOG CPLEX Enterprise Server, supports concurrent and multi-user invocations from the client. It manages and monitors the optimization engines that produce decision recommendations to planners.


The modularity of IBM ILOG CPLEX Enterprise Server enables the use of some modules alone. For example, Java™ APIs allow you to use the developed OPL application from a custom graphical user interface (GUI) or integrated into an existing application. Using a custom GUI, the IBM ILOG CPLEX Enterprise Server features are still available.

IBM ILOG CPLEX Enterprise Server includes all of the components of ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio listed above, as well as:

CPLEX Enterprise Server
CPLEX Enterprise Server Java API

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer Deployment Entry Edition is a subset of the CPLEX Optimization Studio components containing only those needed to deploy an application:

For CPLEX Optimizer, CP Optimizer and Optimization Programming Language
Assemblies and shared libraries used by .NET applications
Jar files and shared libraries used by Java applications
CPLEX Optimizer remote object shared libraries
On the Windows platform, the CPLEX Optimizer Callable Library DLL

Operating system(s):