NUMECA Fine/Marine 8.2 | 1.4 Gb
NUMECA International is delighted to announce the official release of FINE / Marine simulation software version 8.2. Several improvements and new capabilities have been introduced to ease your daily work and extend the scope of application of FINE/Marine.

FINE / Marine

Introduction of temperature and concentration modeling
The temperature can now be activated and defined in the computational domain. The impact of a pollutant concentration on the fluid behavior can also be studied.
Advanced turbulence models
Three new turbulence models are now available in FINE/Marine:
- k-ω SST Menter 2003
Internal wave generator: forced layers (BETA)
Forcing layers replace wave damping for the internal wave generator. They impose the exact wave signal from the IWG, in this way removing any wave reflections from solid bodies or domain boundaries.
Several GUI improvements
Following expert features have been interfaced:
- Streaking correction
- Velocity clip
- Parallel probe reconstruction
New way of calculating the hydrodynamic pressure based on the dynamic free-surface height. Gradient evaluation methods passed to expert parameters.
Generation of Wageningen B-series curves for the actuator disk
The creation of B-series performance data can now be performed in the actuator disk menu of FINE/Marine.
Customized cutting plane plugin in CFView
Plugin available in CFView in order to create automatically one or several cutting planes in the current domain.
Initial intact stability of the ship computed by Domhydro
Domhydro can now compute new hydrostatics-based coefficients, such as metacentric height, prismatic coefficient, center of flotation, second moment of waterplane area.
C-Wizard: Grid convergence study
The C-Wizard can be used to perform a complete grid convergence study including:
- Project's architecture creation in batch mode
- Mesh parameters following a rigorous methodology
- Post-processing tool creating report and pictures
C-Wizard: resistance mode extended for high Froude number computations
The C-Wizard resistance mode has been extended for higher Froude numbers. This mode can now be used for displacement, semi displacement and also planing hulls when the final position cannot be predicted with classic estimation methods proposed in the planing regime mode.
C-Wizard: computation of the hydrostatic trim
The C-Wizard resistance and seakeeping modes have been extended for computing the initial hydrostatic trim.
Rhino plug-in: compatibility with Rhinoceros 6
Plug-in designed to ease the export of geometries from Rhinoceros, is now compatible with Rhino 6.
Rhino plug-in: Geometry analysis
A new functionality to check if the geometry is ready for the FINETM/Marine export has been added to the RhinoTM plugin. If any problems are detected they will be listed together with possible solutions.


Changed default: Smarter inflation technique
(New in HEXPRESS 8.2-1 delivered in FINE/Marine 8.2 only)
The BETA flag for the smarter inflation technique for viscous layers has been removed and has been activated by default for newly created projects.

FINE / Marine , The Leading CFD Software for Naval Architects and Marine Engineers - FINE / Marine is a unique integrated CFD software environment for the simulation of mono-fluid and multi-fluid flows around any kind of ships, boats or yacht including various types of appendages. The powerful and customized graphical user interface drives the user into the whole simulation process and integrated marine-dedicated features for different applications.

NUMECA - Full-scale self-propulsion simulation performed with FINE/Marine

NUMECA International is a leading developer and provider of Grid Generation, Multi-physics CFD software systems for the multiphysics design simulation and optimization of industrial products and processes. A leader in the field of turbomachinery, NUMECA software is used for the simulation of fluids, acoustics, thermal and fluid/mechanical coupled systems in a wide range of applications. NUMECA has a worldwide presence, with branch offices in the USA, Japan, China, Hong Kong, India and Belgium, as well as a worldwide network of distributors.

Product: NUMECA Fine / Marine
Version: 8.2
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 1.4 Gb

Supported platforms and operating systems

NUMECA software is supported in 64 bits on x86_64 processors only (64 bits processors that are compatible with Intel 8086 set of instructions).

Formally tested on
- Windows 8.1 Professional -
- Windows 10 Professional -
- Windows HPC 2012
Also known to run on*
- Windows 7 Professional
- VISTA Business
- VISTA Ultimate
- Windows Server 2008
- Windows Server 2012
- Windows Server 2016
* Known from partners and/ or customers. No official support offered on these combinations

Multiprocessors calculations

Multiprocessors calculations are allowed on shared and homogeneous distributed platforms. Non-homogeneous configurations are not allowed.

The following limitations additionally apply:
- Multiprocessors calculations are allowed on distributed platforms in local user configurations provided that the same account is used for all machines,
- Domain administrators are not allowed to run multiprocessors calculations.
- MPICH2 library needs Microsoft .net Framework package before installing NUMECA software otherwise execution of mpiexec.exe will lead to a Windows error message.

Hardware requirements

Next to the standard hardware (monitor, keyboard and mouse), some specific recommendations apply in the use of NUMECA software:
- a mouse with scroll wheel is strongly recommended.
- the monitor should support 24-bit color graphics and have a 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution for adequate visualization.
- an Ethernet card should be installed and properly configured.
- NUMECA Software does not support CXFS (Clustered XFS) and IBRIX disk file systems.

Memory and disk space requirements

The Random Access Memory (RAM) required to run NUMECA software depends upon several factors, in particular including the number of grid points inserted in the grid, the physical models selected (turbulence, adaptation,...), the introduction of non-matching boundary conditions and the selected calculation mode (mixed or double precision).

Similarly, a minimum disk space is required on the hard disk to allow the storage of the project files. The size of these files largely depends upon the number of grid points generated.

More product specific details:

FINE /Marine

The use of minimum 2GB of RAM is mandatory, but the installation of 8 GB is recommended. As a general guideline, about 2 GB RAM is generally required to run a one million nodes project. The suggested swap space should be equivalent to at least three times the RAM installed. For parallel computations, a multi-processors environment with 2GB of RAM per core is recommended. In such case the suggested swap space should be equivalent to at least one time the RAM installed.

Mesh conversion and partitioning for multi-processor calculations requires about 1 GB per million cells. Since mesh partitioning cannot be performed taking benefit of multi-processor environments, access to nodes allowing large RAM (from 4 to 16 GB) may be mandatory during mesh partitioning.

As a general guideline, about 1.6 GB is required to store a one million nodes mesh, with flow solution on disk. The minimum storage is fixed as 400 MB per million cells, but this only guarantees proper restart procedures without direct possibilities for the visualization of the flow solution.

Graphics requirements

NVidia graphics cards are fully supported, installed together with the latest drivers.

NUMECA software makes use of the advantages of the available Graphics Card. Some trouble may however come up with the default driver OPENGL since it may not be supported by the user host computer and machine display. In order to set the system compatible with a more portable driver, typically MSW driver is used under Windows instead. Note however that the proposed drivers are usually less efficient in terms of graphical speed than the default driver.

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