Adlice Diag Premium Multilingual | 73.26 Mb
Adlice Diag is a diagnostic software, RogueKiller is an Anti-malware. Diag has a built-in Anti-malware engine, but it is only for classification to help user make his decision.

Diagnostic software display everything present on the machine while Anti-malware only show malicious elements. Showing only infected items is nice in an everyday usage, but it may be an issue if the Anti-malware is not detecting the infection. This is why a diagnostic software will show everything, to give the user the ability to remove an item he may think (and actually is) malicious.
What's new :
- Updated to core 4.1.3
* Fixed url for signatures download
* Updated libraries (openssl / libssh2 / libcurl /libyara)
* Fixed an issue in Path parser
* Improved performances for scanning filesystem network resources
* Fixed scheduled version check
- Updated translations
Home Page:
Language: Multilingual

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