Perhaps the ultimate question when we’re playing online slots, if not among one of the most asked - online slots at Cozino: max bet or not?

Well, as a general rule of thumb, when you do play slot games it is a good idea to always bet the maximum amount that the game you are playing will allow you to bet.

Now, although there are some, but few, exceptions to this rule, it is there for a reason, although the max bet can sometimes reach to over 100 coins, this is not a bad thing, especially with progressive jackpots.

Why place the max bet when playing slot games?
The main reason in question as to why you should bet the max when you are playing slot games is because wagering the max amount is just a much smarter thing to do than not wagering the max amount.

It’s a better idea to bet the max allowed, because then you can win bonus payouts and jackpots much easier, as most slot games offer bonuses and jackpots to those who bet the maximum.

Just imagine - you are there, having a great time playing your slot game, and you’ve placed your bet, not at maximum.

Then, what happens? Oh yay! You have hit a jackpot! But oh wait - no prize for you. Cue the worst feeling ever. Regret.

So, if you don’t bet the maximum, you don’t get the maximum. The bonus money. This adds more to the value of each spin that you take and your goal really in the games is to have fun and get as much value out of that as you possibly can, so that you can play for longer and have more fun as you’ve got more money out of it.

Reasons to play with the max bet option
And as long as you have enough money in your bank roll, why not make the maximum bet when you are playing a slot game?

Especially seeing as you can get so much more out of it in return for such a small cost, how often does that happen? And, everyone knows, what goes out must come in.

Now, exceptions - don’t bet the max if you are playing a game that doesn’t offer bonus payouts when you place a max bet, and don’t place a max bet if you can play to win the bonus payout that you get in return pays out less than the max bet you have originally placed.

If you ignore that rule, then you won’t get the maximum value out of the coin you are betting with, and that’s not a good idea, especially when winning money is going to be half of the reason to bet in the first place - the other half of the reason you play being to have fun, of course.

It’s a good idea to stick to the rules mentioned, because then you will get more out of it and ultimately have a better game playing experience.