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Rapid PDF Count will show you how many pages are in many pdf's and generate reports for you with a few mouse clicks. Unicode file and reporting support, pdf portfolio file support - automatically extracts files from the pdf portfolio and counts the single pdf's, Zip archive support, Rar archive support, 7z archive support, count words in a pdf, count file size, pages & number of files, count words per page, count characters per page, no text pages counting, directory scanner for bulk files, file drag and drop support, save, load & append lists, continue counting from previous session, reporting options for text and csv files, sorting options, add and delete files or disable from use, command line support, color Gray/BW pages page counting, Page size counting e.g. A4, US Letter, A3 etc, Landscape or Portrait pages counts, run from a php website (example included) + much more!
No extra 3rd party software required for this to work.

Main Features
1. Supports Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7/8/8.1/10
2. Count pages in pdf's
3. PDF Portfolio file support
4. Unicode files and reporting support.
5. Zip, Rar & 7z archive file support
6. Counts words in pdf's
7. Counts no text in pages
8. Counts words per pages
9. Counts characters per pages
10. Count Color / BW /Gray pages
11. Counts Page Sizes e.g. A4, US Letter, A3 etc
12. Portrait or Landscape pages counting
13. Command line support
14. PDF Validation of corrupt PDF's
15. Scripting engine, for exporting lists with parameters for other applications
16. Drag and Drop support of files.
17. Save, Load & Append Lists
18. List order organizing Options.
19. Directory Scanning.
20. Reporting Options.
21. Run from php website to get counts.
22. Full HTML Help.
Whats New
Updates: See what's new in help file.


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