✅ Look Up- Pop Up Dictionary Pro v6964 | 32.68 MB |

Are you a bibliophile & hate going to google for every tough word you face? Or an ex- iOS user missing the nifty look up feature? Welcome to Look up! Your offline pop up dictionary!

✅ Integrations
• Moon Reader Dictionary Support
• Anki Flashcard support

✅ Look up supports 7 Languages
• English
• Italian
• Spanish
• German
• Portuguese
• French

✅ Look up also supports the following plugins
• Urban Dictionary
• Google Define
• Vocabulary.com
• Wikipedia
• Cambridge

✅ You can Search for word in 3 ways!
• On copying a word (Android < 9.0)
• On Pressing lookup button after selecting the word (Android 6.0 and above)
• On selecting a word and sharing it to the Lookup App.

✅ Features
• Anki Flashcard support
• MoonReader support
• Offline Wordnet Database with 0.22 Million Words and Phrases
• Fast & Predictive searching
• Sync to your drive! (can be disabled)
• You can star the words you like to remember
• Travel to the past swiftly with Recents
• Add notes to words, so that you remember every word in the context you want to.
• Dark mode for easy night time reading
• App speaks the word for you
• Material Design with gorgeous text
• Word of the day, in app and as a notification
• Use copy button for Lollipop or lower & Look up button in 6.0 plus (Copy button can be used too in 6.0

✅ Paid version


⭐️ Look Up- Pop Up Dictionary Pro v6964 (32.68 MB)

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