FunctionBay Multi-Body Dynamics for ANSYS 2019 R2 (R3) | 2.4 Gb
FunctionBay, Inc., is pleased to announce the availability of MBD for ANSYS 2019 R2 (R3) (Multi-Body Dynamics for ANSYS). This add-on brings powerful Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) analysis capabilities within the ANSYS Workbench environment and allows users to simulate kinematics and dynamics of moving mechanical assemblies, before going through the structural assessment.

User Interface Updated
- MBD for ANSYS 2019 R2 will use the new ribbon style of ANSYS 2019 R2

Tutorials include Instructions for Using SpaceClaim
- MBD for ANSYS tutorials have been updated to include sections for importing geometry with either DesignModeler or SpaceClaim.
- Please note that using SpaceClaim can result in slightly different results compared to geometry that was imported using DesignModeler.

Enhancements for SpaceClaim
- When an MBD for ANSYS model with simulation result is opened, 'Model' is set 'done (V)' correctly.

- Parametric Study is now supported when SpaceClaim is used

RecurDyn Viewer Update
From MBD for ANSYS 2019 R3, RecurDyn V9R3 Viewer is used ( In the previous version, RecurDyn V8R5 Viewer was used)
- RecurDyn Viewer V9R3 provides the better Relation Map
- In Force Display, it is now possible to select the colors of force vectors and torque vectors for each entity
- Copying/pasting graphs: When selecting one of the graphs in the Description Window, and then copying it via 'CTRL + C', it is automatically decided whether to paste it as an image or as text data depending on the target software (Notepad/Excel: text, Paint in Windows: image, PowerPoint: text or image)

Consistent Icon Size, Marker Size in MBD for ANSYS and RecurDyn Viewer
If the icon size is changed in MBD for ANSYS, the change is also applied to RecurDyn Viewer. (In the previous version, RecurDyn Viewer always used the initial setting (size = 5). The user had to change the size manually)
- The values for the Icon Size will be different from each other because MBD for ANSYS and RecurDyn Viewer use different rules. However, the size of the displayed icon and marker are consistent
. The Icon Size and Marker Size in RecurDyn is set to 2500 x (Icon Size in MBD for ANSYS)

Consistent IDs in RMD file
If there is no change in the MBD for ANSYS model, the IDs in the RMD file are not changed
- In previous versions, the IDs were changed whenever the new RMD file was generated
- Reference (Comparison between two text files using an *.rmd file)

Open Result File Directory
The folder where the result files are stored after simulation can be accessed easily
- When 'Open Result Files Directory' button is clicked, the windows explorer opens the result file folder automatically
- This is very useful when checking *.ran, *.rplt, *.rmd, or *.msg files

Load Transfer dialog can be resized
- Load Transfer dialog can be resized to see additional data conveniently


Other changes
MBD for ANSYS installer checks if RecurDyn Viewer needs to be updated or not automatically
- In the previous version, there was no information about the need to update RecurDyn Viewer
- From MBD for ANSYS 2019 R3, the installer will check automatically and inform the users if it is needed
High resolution icon support
- High resolution images are used for the popup icons

MBD for ANSYS (Multi-Body Dynamics for ANSYS) an add-on module for ANSYS Workbench that is used to simulate the transient behavior of a mechanical assembly in motion and is developed by FunctionBay.
MBD for Ansys provides engineers a way to perform dynamic simulations and calculate component loads within the Ansys platform. Users can then input this load data into structural simulations - whether as a maximum load or a load history - without changing their software environment or learning the RecurDyn UI.
The data calculated from MBD for Ansys can also be reviewed on a system level. Additionally, the model created in MBD for Ansys can be exported into RecurDyn for a more in-depth analysis.
FunctionBay understands that it is convenient to work in a unified UI. To that end, it offers MBD for Ansys.
This video shows the basic procedure to use MBD for ANSYS. The video explains how to create joints and contacts for Multi-Body Dynamics simulation. Also, the post processing using the Workbench and RecurDyn/Viewer is displayed.

FunctionBay, Inc. is a professional developer of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) simulation software for the simulation of both flexible and rigid body dynamics.
Our software solutions, which include the internationally-recognized RecurDyn, integrate many disciplines into a single seamless package. The core of these solutions is Multi-Flexible Body Dynamics (MFBD), which tightly integrates multibody dynamics analysis with non-linear finite element analysis. In addition, our solutions include tightly integrated control design, fatigue analysis, as well as automated design optimization. Furthermore, we also support a powerful suite of customization tools to enhance our software to meet your needs and enhance your productivity.
FunctionBay, Inc., headquartered in South Korea, is recognized around the globe as a leader in multidisciplinary CAE solutions.
Product: MBD (Multi-Body Dynamics)
Version: (195) Build 191010 (191121) for ANSYS
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Software Prerequisites: ANSYS Mechanical 2019 R2 (R3)
Size: 2.4 Gb

CPU 1GHz / 2.4GHz, Quad Core
Memory (RAM) 2GB / 4GB
Free Disk Space 3GB / 10GB
Display Adapter OpenGL / OpenGL ICD
Screen Resolution 1024x768 / 1152x864
Optical Disk Drive DVD-Ror above*
SUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEMS: Microsoft Windows 7, 8 & 10 Professional(64-bit).

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