WinClean 1.3.1 (x64)
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A system optimization utility accessible to any type of user, whose scope is to help users customize their Windows machine in a more thorough manner, with the goal of increasing its performance.

Surprisingly accessible
As stated before, this tool seeks to offer a means for any user to get more out of their system, no matter if they're power users or otherwise. The focus on accessibility is evident from the beginning, as the program makes an effort to explain what each option does, helping nudge the user in the right direction.
Three overarching categories are presented within a practical interface: duties related to system maintenance, debloating, and customization can be carried out by the software. All the end user needs to do is select the relevant options for their machine, and click Execute scripts, after which the program will commence the optimization process.
As such, users can rid their disk of junk files, clear the event logs, disable any ads in the Windows interface, as well as Microsoft's telemetry services, remove Cortana, disable the Xbox services, and so on. These are only a few of the available options, but they manage to encompass what the tool is capable of doing.
Multiple ways to run the same scripts
At its core, the tool is a GUI for a series of scripts, and these scripts can be run in a few different ways: through Batch, PowerShell, and Registry Editor. You don't have to concern yourself with this if you don't want to, however, as the tool does well to provide for itself when it comes to this matter.
Users can also run any custom scripts they have through the Add scripts button, which can help make the tweaking process all the more efficient for power users.
Helps your computer perform
WinClean is a tool that may be of use to more than a few users: it explains what each option does to help ease one into the process, and it's also quite a versatile program overall, thanks to the numerous functions in the interface.
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