Solid Angle Houdini To Arnold v4.1.1 For Houdini-AMPED

File Size: 696 MiB

Arnold for Houdini (or HtoA) provides a tight bridge to the Arnold renderer from within the standard Houdini interface. It enables smooth lighting workflows between Houdini and other DCC applications, since setups can be exported and shared.

- All Arnold cameras (perspective, orthographic, spherical, fisheye) with depth of field and advanced shutter controls.
- All Arnold lights (point, distant, spot, quad, disk, cylinder, skydome, mesh) with light filters and accurate viewport representation.
- Custom Arnold shading network context with a comprehensive list of 106 shaders and utilities.
- Atmospheric and background effects.
- Volume rendering with support for OpenVDB and particles.
- Polymeshes, curves, points with support for displacement and bump mapping and subdivision.
- Procedurals, with sample Alembic and mandelbulb implementations.
- Accurate motion blur (transform, deform, velocity, acceleration), overridable per object.
- Geometry attributes translation as user data.
- Optional Arnold properties for objects and cameras.
- Render to AOVs, in single or separate files.
- Support all Houdini rendering contexts (render region, mplay, render viewer, render COP, batch), with support for AOVs and clickable buckets.
- Interactive rendering (IPR) allows parameter changes to be rapidly previewed without interrupting your work.
- Instancing.
- Multi-camera renders.
- DeepEXR support.

Requirements & Platforms

- Houdini, Houdini FX, Houdini Indie or Houdini Education (Houdini Apprentice is not supported)
- Windows 7 and later
- CPU with at least SSE 4.1 instructions (2006 and later Intel CPUs, and 2011 and later AMD CPUs)


1 - Unpack the release into a directory of your choice.
2 - Run the installer and install it.
3 - See included amped.txt.
4 - Enjoy this fine AMPED release, but buy it if you will use it.
5 - As always, make sure to have a firewall to block outbound connections.